Remind you of the moving company's trap

Now of moved company competition is is fierce, for competition of means is endlessly, often also will appeared some accident of situation, following of content is reminded you note moved company by set moved company of trap, avoid himself of interests damaged:
with public living of improve and city construction pace of speed up, residents live conditions constantly improved, moved of people began more up, moved service of enterprise also came into being. Therefore, some illegal move agencies to seize the market. Some illegal moving companies don't even have a formal Office, rely on some form of advertisement posing as an official moving company contract business, if there is a problem in the handling process, customers when the query is written in the advertising address only to find that their vehicles are not the company that provides moving services.  Because these agencies cannot exercise effective supervision and management, financial, damage the victim of the theft victim, forcing higher charges and other problems have kept appearing at the expense of the interests of the masses. In here, business administration organ reminded masses in moved Shi must to select formal of moved company service institutions, recommends customer following:
first, note moved company whether has official office locations, may words, best to its office locations view its business license, especially its business project Shang must has "moved transport service" this a items, or is illegal engaged in moved transport service of "counterfeit" company.
Second, must sign a service contract, so that a legal basis. According to State and city regulations, in order to guarantee removal party and support the party's Shun Shun equity moving company prices, moving and transportation units and shall sign a legally binding contract between the customer and observe carefully whether their contract specifications. Which main content at least should including methyl b both agreed of time, and locations, and needed of models, and methyl b both agreed of moved way, and methyl b both agreed of service price, and party proposed of service project and requirements, and b made of about service commitment, and precious easy loss items in handling process in the both of responsibility defined, and party requirements claims matters of according to, and b completed moved transport service work of delivered time, and methyl b both common agreed of other service project,. In this way, can effectively avoid the oral promise not to bring unnecessary disputes, even if wrong, interests can be guaranteed, according to the law.
third, expensive perishable items and money to advance to pack boxes, keep well. In front of the moving process, packaging items in categories, packing should be as early as possible, and write the number on the box, to check when loading, so as not to lose something in a flurry. For valuable fragile items should be sealed by both parties before the common view of a sealing, if conditions permit, best real photographs, transportation upon arrival and then common open view, so as to avoid responsibility for the damage is difficult to say disputes.
above aims to remind you of the moving company's bad means of competition. Avoid damage to their own interests, saying anti-people can not do without, you be careful is not a bad thing, so as to inform when in contact with the moving company.