Reminds you to move, don't forget to request consumer Bill

Consumers are receiving the moving company services, and remind you not to forget asking for spending bills and writing to both the moving time, price, and test items for damage, loss, so as not to say disputes caused by difficulty in adducing evidence.
mine-move consumers in Shenzhen to reflect. Booking a moving company in Shenzhen for its move, the other on the phone to remind him to advance finishing packing an item will not be able to carry, and said companies can purchase boxes and promised to burn can be returned. Mr Ray and immediately purchased the 20 boxes. Moving day workers to say too much, go short-handed. Mr Ray and company, said that he does not have the manpower to move for the time being. When Ray asked the company to return when box is not used, the company not only refused to return, and denied selling the boxes.
moving consumers tend to reflect the moving company is not on time, move items damaged, lost, violations such as unauthorized price increases. As most consumers receive moving services without asking for bills to damaged and lost items without proof, the two sides agreed to move the time, oral agreement price is the phone, so that such complaints cannot be accepted.
root of disputes is that the two sides where there is nothing clear, when we move, figuring out problems, get the necessary credentials, that move things clear, then there are no blind spots.
often move their friends note, don't just move some things, staying at home have to pay attention to the quality of housing decoration, in General, new homes when finished will take some time to check in. This decoration will be diluted to release harmful substances.
new houses and renovated units of office space, decoration pollution of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, and serious harm to the health of you and your family, especially for children, the elderly, pregnant women more harm. So you moved in Shenzhen, detection and treatment before moving, living standards can rest assured.
many of the moves are blind to this point, result just moving company moving travel problems emerge, such as findings of odour nuisance, toilet leaks, poor sound insulation of the House. Are moving without taking into account the things, moving is not a simple household items to put Bob's new home. If you do not apply, that move is not worth the candle. So please, before you move must not be ignored.
as regards checks on decoration and material removal of odors, there are many effective methods, such as when you move can bring some green plants to purify the air in new homes.